Island Rules

CAMPGROUND PATRONS: Visitors are responsible for the safety and conduct of all members of their party and for informing their party of campground rules. CAMPSITES: DO NOT WALK THROUGH OTHER SITES. Please stay on your designated site and use the designated roads and pathways.

RV CHECK-IN: 1 p.m. RV CHECK-OUT: 11 a.m.


FIRES: Only allowed in provided fire rings and must be tended at all times. In order to comply with CRR-NY 192.5 the statute concerning firewood restrictions to protect trees and forests from invasive species; we will require guest that bring their own firewood to provide the proper documentation concerning the origin of the firewood.

GARBAGE: For trash pick up at your site, please set out trash in the morning between 8-10 a.m. Do not leave trash out overnight or a $10 fee will be incurred.

GATE ACCESS: Office security gate is staffed during normal office hours. Parking hang tags must be displayed when on-premises.

GOLF CARTS: Must be insured. Operated by 16 years of age or older with a valid state issued ID. Operate at posted speed limits on paved roads only. Any violation of these rules will result in the Golf Cart being evicted from the property.

JUMP PAD: SOCKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Remove footwear and all objects from pockets, no sharp objects. No flips, no erratic moves, no horseplay. For children under the age of 14. Children under the age of 5 can be accompanied by one adult. Use at your own risk.

LATE ARRIVALS: If you arrive after posted office hours, please check the box located in the foyer for your check-in package. The gate code is located on the back of your yellow car window tag. Please remember to use the #sign. Absolutely no late arrivals after 10 p.m. without a reservation.

OCCUPANTS: RV site includes 2 adults and 2 children (under 16) and 2 pets. Additional adults, children, and pets must be registered and paid for. Maximum of 8 guests per site.

OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday-Wednesday and 9:00 a.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday – Saturday, unless posted otherwise.

PARKING: One passenger vehicle and 1 RV per site. Extra vehicles, boats and boat trailers must be parked in the designated areas. NO PARKING ON THE GRASS.

PHOTO POLICY: We periodically take photos of our facility and guests for campground marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed by our staff, please let us know.

QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.

SAFETY: Shoreline area rocks can be unstable, no lake access from RV sites.

SCOOTERS: Only electric and 4-cycle gas scooters are allowed for licensed drivers. Must wear helmets and obey motor vehicle laws. Use not allowed after sunset.

SEWER: Sewer hookups require elbows or sewer gasket to prevent spills. We recommend at least 25 feet of sewer hose.

SPEED LIMIT: 5 mph inside the gate, 15 mph on the causeway and access

SWIMMING POOL: Rules posted at the swimming pool must be followed. Any child under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian, age 18 or older. There is NO lifeguard, swim at your own risk.

YOUR SITE: Sites must be kept neat and clean. Clotheslines are not permitted.

VISITORS: Visitors must register, pay fee and park in designated areas. Day visitors must depart by 9 p.m. or register as an overnight visitor by 6 p.m.


– Formaldehyde based and colored holding tanks additives.
– Fishing from the bridge not allowed. Please fish away from boating traffic lane.
– Entry is prohibited in un-renovated buildings.
– There is a zero tolerance firearms, fireworks, flying paper lanterns or other incendiary devices such as aerial flares. Violators may be evicted immediately.
– No jumping or diving at the pool, marina or bridge.
– No washing of RV’s, boats or vehicles.


– Only marina customers allowed on docks. Weather may cause docks and ramps to be slippery. Use at own risk.
– Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
– Boat lines, power cords and water hoses must not create safety hazards. When not in use, they must be stored on boat.
– Bicycles, inline skates, skateboards and scooters are not allowed on docks. Children must wear safety helmets.
– Use not allowed after sunset.
– Only marina customer dogs allowed on docks and only from boat to and from shore.
– Swimming and scuba diving are not permitted in the marinas.
– Barbecuing is not permitted on the docks.
– Major boat repairs and activities involving hazardous materials (fuel, solvents and other chemicals) not permitted. Check with management.
– Throwing rocks into marina is not permitted.
– Fishing is not permitted from the docks.
– No wake zone within 300 feet from the marina entrances.
– You need a N.Y. State fishing license to fish.


– Site fee includes 2 pets. Each additional pet is $20 per day.
– Any pet perceived aggressive is not permitted and may result in eviction from campground.
– Must pick up after pets and dispose of refuse.
– Well behaved dogs are welcome. If in doubt, please leave dog at home.
– Proof of vaccinations is required.
– Pets must be on a lease no more than 6’ long.
– Pets are not allowed in cottages, buildings, pool area and recreation area.
– Pets must not be unattended at any time.
– Dogs on a leash may swim at boat ramp, lake access near Island House and nature trail.
– Only marina customer dogs allowed on docks.


Each Tent site is designated for ONE Tent only. Additional Tents on Tent sites will be assessed a $40.00/day tent placement charge.

Placement of a tent on a RV site will be assessed a $25.00/day tent placement charge. Please notify the office if you desire to place a tent on the RV site. There is a maximum of 8 guest per site.

No tents on Cabin or Cottage sites.

Note: We reserve the right to change fee’s without notice.

Campground Cancellation Guidelines

Nightly or weekly Stays: No refunds on or after arrival. Cancellations made at least 7 days in advance will be refunded in the form in which it was paid. Deposit will be forfeited for all reservations cancelled less than 7 days prior to your arrival date.

Monthly Stays: No refunds on or after arrival. Cancellations made at least 45 days in advance will be refunded in the form in which it was paid. Deposit will be forfeited for all reservations cancelled less than 45 days prior to your arrival date.